Where to Apply for No Credit Check credit cards

Anybody who wishes to apply for a credit card will undergo credit check. The credit check is a parameter imposed by the Federal Law to ensure the financial capability of the person applying for the loan. This is based on the credit score of the person, which measures the income capacity, credit history, and existing accountabilities. The rationale behind credit check is to ensure that the money being borrowed by the applicant is secured. The applicant can fully settle whatever bills he incurs and he settles them on time or on due dates. Otherwise, there is a corresponding interest and penalty added to it.

Credit check helps the bank determine the amount of credit limit to be given to the applicant. The spend level to be provided to the person is dependent on his earnings or income capacity. A person with a good credit score and history is a manifestation that he can fully settle his account and he is more favored than one who has a bad credit. However, there are now banks and financial institutions whose target market are people with bad credit history. This means foregoing credit check since doing a credit check will only show that this group will fail on the credit score of having a good credit standing. Isn’t that ironic to be issuing a credit card to someone whose past says he cannot pay? The answer lies on 2 basic things: one, the customer deserves a fair deal, and the other is that this specific group comprises a good piece of the pie (market).

Here are a few no credit check credit cards:

1.    Horizon Gold Credit Card. A guaranteed $500.00 credit limit is being offered. It guarantees approval. What’s more, there is no Employment Check! So no credit check required and one gets an instant credit card. Annual fee is only $59.00
2.    First Option MasterCard. This card accepts any applicant regardless of their credit history. There is no credit check required and a maximum of $5,000.00 credit limit can be offered.
3.    New Millennium Bank Black Visa Card. No credit check is also offered and a maximum of $10,000.00 credit limit can be availed. Annual Fee is $59.00 and one can avail of Cash Advance at over 740,000 ATMs.
4.    Next Millennium Visa. This card also requires no credit check. One can avail of Cash Advance at over 740,000 ATMs. More so, this Visa card can also be accepted at MasterCard affiliated stores.
5.    Applied Bank Secured Visa Card. This card has no Income Requirements. There is also no Credit Requirements. Hence, no credit checks. Credit limit is $5,000.00 and is accepted worldwide by millions of affiliated establishments. Annual Fee is only $50.00.
6.    Juniper MasterCard Prepaid Card. This is a prepaid card which requires no credit check. No bank account is also required and Direct Deposit is free. This is accepted worldwide and Cash Advance can be availed from millions of ATMs anywhere.

No Credit Check Credit Cards are a good way of doing away with a bad credit history. Why not get one to start rebuilding a good credit standing?  The above credit cards can be availed and applied to anytime via online.

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