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Payment address for WalMart Credit Card

The Wal-Mart credit card, as its name suggests, is exclusively used within the Wal-Mart group.  This credit card is issued by GE Money Bank and is also accepted at SAM’s Club, a membership club which enables its members to shop online or at a local store for various services including clothing, insurance plans and check printing.  There are two variants of the Wal-Mart card: the regular and the Discover card.  Corporate versions of these two variants are also available for business customers which can have up to 99 cardholders. Community credit cards are also offered to non-profit organizations and government agencies.  The best way to pay Wal-Mart credit card bills is at a Wal-Mart shop’s cashier’s terminal which accepts checks or cash and issues a receipt. Those who prefer the mail are advised to use the payment address for Wal-Mart credit card at Wal-Mart, PO Box 530927, Atlanta, GA 30353-0927.