Payment address for Kohl’s credit card

Kohl’s, emerging as one of the largest US retailers after starting out as a single store in 1962, introduced its own credit card called Kohl’s Charge. No annual fee is charged on this card which is geared towards loyal customers at Kohl’s stores and distribution centers in 48 states across the US.  Cardholders can receive extra discounts of as much as $120 annually, and likewise have the chance to gain Most Valued Customer (MVC) status which further carries additional benefits.  The MVC could be earned by purchasing $600 worth of merchandise using the Kohl’s plastic every year.  The MVC benefits include a sale day of the cardholder’s choice six times a year in addition to periodic special offers throughout the year that could translate to $170 total savings for the customer. Bill payments are accepted by phone or at any Kohl’s cash register. Another option is by mail to this payment address for Kohl’s credit card: Milwaukee Payment Center, P.O. Box 2983, Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983. Another address is: Kohl’s Payment Center, P.O. Box 30510, Los Angeles, CA 90030-0510.

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  • elizabeth noll says:

    I just re-opened my Kohl’s card. I have a change of address:
    3006 Dillon St.
    Baltimore, MD 21224

    phone number: 717-515-9092
    acct# 0312498 066 00

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