Payment address for Discover credit card

The Discover card is a pioneering financial product introduced by Discover Financial Services nationally during the Super Bowl of 1986.  The company was the first to offer a rewards system to its costumers as well as the first credit card with no annual fee for members.  Because of these pioneering efforts, Discover Financial has become a leading US electronic payment services firm.  Billions of transactions are processed in the company’s network: Discover Network, Diners Club and PULSE.  Millions of merchants and cash access sites are linked to Discover Network.  Diners Club International, the creator of the world’s first multi-purpose charge card, operates as a global payment hub honored in 185 countries and territories around the globe.  Over 4,400 point of sale terminals and financial institutions are served by PULSE. Payment address for Discover card, as well as for Discover business, is Discover Card Services PO Box 6103 Carol Stream, IL 60197-6103.

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