Payment address for American Express credit card

American Express, a leader in global payments, network and the travel business, is popular for its personal and business products.  Founded in 1850, Amex came with comprehensive features and a variety of benefits.   For your personal needs, they have (Blue, Blue Cash, Blue Sky), for instance, provide reward points, travel benefits and cash rebates. Amex also offers specialty rewards, which provides discounts on services from partners such as Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, Starwood hotels and resorts.  There are also Amex business products for entrepreneurs seeking financing for business expenditures, such as short-term cash flow and capital investment.   There are three variants of American Express business cards:  Blue, Sky Blue and SimplyCash.  Among their features are rewards for business transaction, high credit limit and expense management.  This payment address for American Express credit card receives bills paid through mail: (overnight) American Express, P.O. Box 360001, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33336-0001. An alternative address is American Express, US Payment Florida, 2965 West Corporate Lakes Blvd, Weston FL 33331-3626.

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